Managing Workplace Behaviour

Don’t wait until you receive a formal complaint to reach for your policies and panic!  Be prepared.  Policies and Procedures whilst helpful are not naturally in the minds of employees when they behave badly in the workplace and negatively affect others.

Address poor workplace behaviour by introducing a Code of Conduct which overarches your policies and procedures.  This document can set the standards of behaviour you require.   Employees can help to develop this set of standards which can result in instant buy-in.  The Code of Conduct can outline the values you want upheld and the behavioural standards you require of your employees. At the annual performance appraisal this document can be discussed in full and signed by employees to ensure it is reaffirmed as an important set of standards and values.

All employees desire a happy and safe workplace. Take it a step further and create individual Team Standards.  Each section or division of your workplace may be experiencing issues or behaviours affecting their productivity and engagement at work.  Team Standards can be developed by the staff to address these issues.

Team Standards become a regular agenda item at team meetings.  They can be updated, deleted or refined as issues arise.

The outcome for all will be

  • more accountability
  • the manager doesn’t necessarily always have to be the disciplinarian
  • staff will know exactly what is required of them in regards to behaviour and values
  • A more harmonious workplace will result

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