3 Leadership assumptions to be wary of!



1.  Developing others isn’t your job

Some leaders are so self-focussed they only care about themselves. They work hard but make no effort to help or develop others. They believe they were hired to do their job, not yours.

Some are enlightened leaders who know that personal achievement is only part of what makes them a good person and what makes them promotable.

A great leader will often surround themselves with talent that they don’t necessarily have themselves creating a diverse, talented team to deliver quality outcomes. Good leaders will observe opportunities to develop talent and encourage their staff to also identify opportunities for development and growth.

2.   Because I work long hours, so should everyone else on the team!

I’ve met more than one boss who sincerely believes that everyone should keep regular hours, the same hours and long hours. If they start work at 7 am, the staff should also start at 7am . If they don’t leave until 6 pm, no one else should leave either.

They want others to follow their lead and work hard. However, people work in different ways at different times. The goal isn’t to make them work at a particular time or a certain number of hours. The goal is to lead them in a way that produces the quality outcomes required.  The trick is to define great goals and expectations, instead of micromanaging their work process.

3.  What worked last year won’t necessarily work this year.

We get so busy that we look at a  problem we’re currently facing and overestimate how much it looks and feels like a problem we’ve dealt with before. We overestimate the familiarity of the situation, and we assume we understand it. The problem is that we fail to see how novel and unique the current situation really is. We apply a solution that isn’t a great fit.

We can overcome this tendency by making it a team norm for people to speak up and talk about the unique needs of the current situation before applying a hasty and dated solution. Sometimes it is best to slow down just a little and find an answer that really fits.