About Sue Turner Consulting

Sue Turner

Sue Turner is the Principal Consultant at Sue Turner Consulting in Adelaide, South Australia.  Sue is an energetic, accomplished and self-motivated professional who has had over 25 years experience working in senior management roles consolidated by academic excellence in a diploma in human resource management and qualifications in training & development.

After a very successful career working as a senior manager, Sue established her consultancy  to offer businesses short or long-term assistance managing day-to-day issues and projects in the workplace.  Sue also provides short or long term contract services replacing key HR personnel whilst they are on secondment, leave or while a firm is restructuring or recruiting for the key HR position.

Sue’s passion is to help businesses to:

  • become progressive and forward-thinking
  • commit to a professional management structure that has clear goals
  • have strong direction and leadership
  • recruit, keep, manage and reward talent effectively
  • provide training, mentoring and development opportunities for staff

Sue has a wealth of management experience in a range of sectors including:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Service Management
  • Training & Development
  • Contact Centre Management
  • Information Technology
  • Legal Practice Business Support Services
  • Recruitment, Retention and Outplacement
  • Career Support

Sue Turner Consulting can offer services to both businesses and to individuals.

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My Story

I started  my career with the Australian Red Cross Society at 18 years of age.  I worked in the Junior Red Cross Division promoting the services of Red Cross to schools in South Australia.  I then moved into Intermediate Red Cross running Younger Sets which were groups of 18-25 years olds fundraising for the organisation through some of Adelaide’s best known night clubs (a very exciting time!) and I got to meet some of Australia’s best musical talent!  I then moved into a senior administrative role as my interest was drawn towards the implementation of computing into the workplace.

My next role was working for Wang Computing in Adelaide.  I was a customer support co-ordinator training clients and implementing Wang computer systems and specific software into some of Adelaide’s largest government agencies and corporate businesses.  Working hand in hand with the sales person through to successful implementation and training for the client this role had it all!  It certainly cemented my career direction for the next 25 years!

I then started a family and established a consulting business working for some of Wang’s largest clients in Adelaide.  I managed the implementation of systems into organisations such as Santos, SA Brewing, Thomson Simmons Law Firm, and did some major projects with Elders ANL and the Health Commission writing specific software and training clients to a high-efficiency level.

I was engaged as a consultant with Thomson Simmons Law Firm in Adelaide to tender for a new computing system.  After the successful implementation of a new computer system into the firm I was offered a role as Director of Support and Computer Services.  I worked on many exciting projects in this role including being part of the team that designed and implemented the new business premises  which was a showcase design for its time in Australia.  I was also responsible for training over 100 practitioners and 100 support staff in the new system, implementation of a new remuneration system, design of work practices, recruitment, staff supervision and project management.

I then took up a role with Comskil working in a variety of roles and being encouraged and backed to be entrepreneurial developing new business streams and delivering revenue for this NGO.

In this role I established a commercial recruitment agency supplying temp and permanent staff to Adelaide business and the state government.  I successfully tendered for and won a contract as a preferred temp staff supplier to both the Education Department and the state government and established good relationships with many businesses in Adelaide providing high quality recruitment services.  The agency ran for over 15 years and was successfully sold to one of Adelaide’s best known agencies.

I secured the Housing SA Maintenance Enquiry Centre contract which Comskil managed successfully for over 21 years.  This contract employed 40 staff and ran 24/7.  It provided outsourced contact centre services taking property maintenance calls from Housing SA tenants, organising trades contractors to undertake property maintenance work and processing contractor invoices for payment.  This contract also provided Housing SA with ancillary services such as data processing and general administrative work .  This contract exceeded all of its Key Performance Indicators throughout its tenure.

In 2011 I secured an outsourced Contact Centre Contract with Disability Services running their 24/7 Riskman Hotline.  This contract took calls from Disability Services staff reporting incidents in the workplace.

Other contact centre projects including a graffiti hotline for City of Onkaparinga and after a successful consultancy project the provision of long-term temp staff to run Services SA’s Maintenance Centre for government properties.

Comskil also provided:

  • Computer  Software Training
  • Skills Assessment Services
  • Human Resource Consultancy Services for small to medium business enterprises and not for profits
  • Recruitment Support Services to many businesses in Adelaide that required  assistance with their recruitment activities.

Comskil merged with UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide in the early 2000’s.  Suddenly Comskil became part of an organisation that had over one thousand staff and hundreds of volunteers.  Merging with UCWPA gave me many other opportunities to further use Comskil’ s services within the organisation and I worked on many projects in Human Resources, Training and Development, Project Management, and Recruitment.

In 2013 I established Sue Turner Consulting supporting businesses by providing human resource management and general management solutions.  Many business can’t afford to use a specialist on an ongoing basis but may need support for specific issues or projects. I also provide HR Management replacement should your HR Manager need to be replaced for a period of time e.g. holidays, long service leave, secondment to a specific project.  In 2014 for approximately 6 months I took on a caretaker role as senior Human Resource Consultant role Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide whilst they were reviewing their HR direction and sourcing a new Human Resources Manager. This organisation had approximately 800 staff.

In late 2015 I accepted a contract as Human Resources Manager of Uniting Care Wesley Bowden.  This organisation has approximately 240 staff and 150 volunteers and was about to face significant sector changes in Aged Care and the pending introduction of the NDIS.  In this role I provide support to the organisation’s strategic direction through delivering sound HR practice Management and Change Management initiatives.


I thoroughly enjoy assisting a business to move forward confidently whilst ensuring that they are complying with their obligations.  I believe that a business must carefully manage the following key areas:

  • Thorough recruitment practices (don’t skimp or rush when it comes to effort.  Ensure you assess candidates, reference check them, check their qualifications and challenge them to prove their talent before employing them!) I am happy to review your recruitment methods just ask!
  • Professional on boarding of new employees into the organisation and the division or section in which they will be working – I don’t know how many employees tell me they never had an induction and were just thrown in the deep end (many of whom don’t work for that business any longer!)
  • Regular follow-up with new employees to make sure they are settling in well and progressing.  It is a good idea to make sure that their expectations are being met (as promised in your recruitment sales pitch!) Many employees tell me that they have worked in a business for six months and have no idea how they are going because they have had no feedback!
  • Timely feedback on performance with employees so they know exactly where they stand.  Remember to give positive feedback when they meet or exceed your expectations! Employees are motivated when they are told they are doing a great job! Many employees who are looking for a new employment opportunity state that they never got any positive feedback from their last employer – the only feedback they received was when they did something wrong!
  • Ongoing training and development for employees to refine and improve their soft and hard skills and to give them a fresh perspective on handling tasks and issues in the workplace. Many employees leave employers because there is no training and development or opportunity to improve their skills.
  • Reward and recognition for a job well done (six monthly or annual performance reviews).  Rewards don’t necessarily have to be monetary find out what your employees value as a reward!  Don’t be one of those employers that doesn’t believe in performance reviews believe it or not employees expect them but they must be meaningful.  Don’t just tick boxes!
  • Managing change effectively and complying with the requirements of Awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

I am more than happy to chat about these issues with you as they are my passion!



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